FlightDeck® is the slide-on, cantilevered, balcony brand developed by Brooksby specifically for high rise residential projects. We believe that everyone should have access to their own outside space. With this in mind, we have designed a slide-on balcony system that has maximum flexibility and it is this that really sets us apart.

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Why choose Brooksby slide-on
FlightDeck® Balconies?


Brooksby have over 20 years’ experience of designing, manufacturing and installing cantilevered balconies and fully understand all the requirements, timeframes and constraints of working on a complex site.

  • Early involvement is necessary to ensure thermal break connectors are accurately cast into the building during the mainframe construction phase. We provide installation templates to ensure the line and level of all balcony connections are correct, then install the cantilevered arms on each level. At a final stage we will then slide on the pre-fabricated balconies.
  • The innovative design of FlightDeck® allows for adjustment in all directions at installation stage to accommodate facade components or other constraints.

Bespoke Balcony Design

We can create the ideal balcony, as envisioned by designers, architects and developers to maximise the attractiveness of the property. We use our expertise of many years and work with you to create a balcony that matches your ideal design in terms of size, shape, material, look and if required special additional features. Our innovative design is unique and has a patent pending (app no.1622144.2).

Brooksby has the ability and experience to manufacture and assemble balconies with many different components and materials:

  • Structural or panel glass, vertical steel bar and solid balustrading
  • Composite and aluminium decking
  • Soffits, fascias and positive drainage

Steel Balcony Strength

Steel balconies are more cost efficient when compared to other materials such as concrete and aluminium. Our balconies are made of mild steel, and treated with the required finish.

  • Steel is tougher, harder & more resilient than aluminium, and has an excellent strength to weight ratio, so it is less likely to warp, deform, or bend under force, weight or heat, giving a more stable balcony.
  • Steel structures are more resistant to fire than aluminium with a higher melting point.
  • Flexible and consistent – steel can be curved and shaped to within close tolerances.
  • Sustainability - 99% of constructional steel in the UK is either reused or recycled.

Balconies Manufactured by Brooksby

We manufacture, assemble and finish all modular elements ourselves in a clean, controlled factory environment in Lincolnshire, with strict quality control procedures and time to make detailed quality checks before dispatch. We are fully certified to ISO9001 the International Quality Standard that demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

We also CE mark our products, with full Factory Control Status (FPC Certification), guaranteeing that they comply with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation.


Off-site Manufacture

We manufacture and assemble each and every balcony in our own factory, delivering to site when required. This addresses some of the construction industry’s most demanding challenges:

  • Eases demand for highly skilled trades on site. The worldwide shortage of skilled construction labour is well documented; FlightDeck® eases the on-site labour requirements, and the necessity to work in constricted areas, thereby reducing the necessary trade sequencing and the overall timeline.
  • Saves crane and installation time. Each slide-on FlightDeck® balcony requires minimal installation time. On a large high-rise project with multiple elevations of balconies to install, this will add up to a considerable time saving compared with the traditional bolt-on balconies.
  • Requires no scaffolding or other external access. This means that the main structure scaffolding can be taken down earlier and the balcony works can be taken off the project critical path.
  • HSE compliant, minimising health & safety risks on site. The Health & Safety Executive guidance specifies that 'Where it can be avoided, loads should not be suspended over occupied areas… Where loads are suspended for significant periods, the area below them should be classed as a danger zone, where access is restricted.' A Brooksby slide-on FlightDeck® balcony no longer has to be fixed from a balcony below, which would previously have constituted working under a live load. This potential danger is now eliminated.


  • Consistent quality achieved in a factory environment. As we manufacture in-house ourselves, we are in complete control of quality and all of our products are quality assured and fully traceable. We produce in a clean, controlled environment ensuring detailed quality checks are carried out on components before they arrive on site. We are SCCS (Steel Construction Certification Scheme) approved, demonstrating compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System ISO 9001. We CE mark all of our products, guaranteeing that the products comply with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation. For other certifications including Achilles Building Confidence Standard and SSIP (Safety Scheme in Procurement Certification) see our certifications section.
  • On-site installation team. We provide an on-site team to oversee the install process, so have more control than others who hand over responsibilities to sub-contracted installers. You will also have your own nominated Contracts Manager responsible for all communications and co-ordination including logistics, labour and final handover of the completed project.
  • Finished apartments are kept cleaner. Balconies come as a completed unit, so no requirement to take material through finished apartments.