Off-site Manufacturing

Off-site construction is crucial for contractors to be able to build the sheer volume of homes required to fulfil our country’s housing needs and this cannot be done through traditional methods. This is never more important than in London, where congestion, access issues and tight delivery slots compound already demanding schedules.

With our two production sites in North East Lincolnshire, Brooksby offers full off-site manufacture. Your project will be designed, engineered, fabricated and assembled off-site, delivering to the construction location exactly as and when required. Such off-site operations better control quality, will reduce time and trades on site, keeping project timelines to a minimum. We manufacture modular balconies as well as other structural & architectural steelwork, all fabricated in clean factory conditions in our purpose-built manufacturing facility in North East Lincolnshire.

Work is scheduled into our factory well in advance, producing full operational samples for client approval if required. Finished units are then assembled and stored ready for delivery. We use specially designed stillages to enable quick unloading and ease of movement around the site minimising time, cost and risk.

We welcome site visits to our factory, to see our facility, quality standards, experienced fabricators, quality inspection regimes and site readiness. Get in touch to book a visit today.

  • Slide-on balconies manufactured offsite