Improving H&S and Project Efficiency through
Modern Methods of Construction

Brooksby understand that construction professionals need to continuously develop their knowledge and skills in order to keep right up to date with new product developments, industry standards and network with others in the build space so we have created a CPD which you can either tap into as standard or tailor further to your own needs.

Customise my CPD today

Brooksby are specialists in the design and manufacture of balconies and the installation of metalwork packages. Our CPD course can cover:

  • Design flexibility and opportunities with balconies and balustrades
  • Offsite manufacture
  • Health, safety and fire risk reduction
  • Industry standards relevant to balconies, including fire regulations
  • Technical and engineering considerations, including drainage and thermal breaks
  • The advantages and disadvantages of different install methods with a view to minimising crane time and programme advantages

We can deliver the course at your premises or arrange an external location for you. This can be done over breakfast, lunch or at another time to suit your work schedule.

To arrange your custom session with John and Heidi you can either...
 - Send us an email with your details
 - Complete this form to send us your custom requirements
 - Call us today on 020 7731 3310