Design & Consultancy

Our design capabilities and flexibility set us apart, and with all our balconies and steelwork being manufactured in-house, we can offer designs that are completely flexible and unrestricted. Our involvement with a project starts long before manufacture begins. Meeting our clients’ specific needs is essential for the success of a project, so we work hard to build successful relationships early in the pre-construction phase.

A dedicated pre-construction director will be assigned to your project, who will meet with you in order to understand both the specific requirements and challenges that need to be overcome to provide a bespoke solution for your project.

From Concept to Engineered Design

Our in-house design teams, consisting of skilled designers, engineers, and draftsmen are located close to the capital. They will work with you from your initial ideas through to completion, offering unrivalled assistance every step of the way. We love a fresh challenge and our watchword is flexibility – flexibility in terms of dimensions, shape, materials, finish, delivering the very closest solution to any given concept - making your vision a reality.

Our products are bespoke to your requirement, engineered and built to current standards and regulations. All projects are detailed using the latest drawing techniques including BIM 3D modelling, so you can view the specifics of your work at all stages of the fabrication process.


Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Engineering

BIM is now the accepted way of working in construction, allowing information modelling and management in a team environment, with all team members working to the same standards as one another. Sharing information has become easier and more participants are involved earlier in the project, making sure design is not only better but stays on track. Building products can also be inputted easily into the overall building structure, analysed and drilled down into if necessary.