In addition to our Flight Deck balcony projects, having in-house fabrication means we can design and manufacture other bespoke architectural metalwork, providing an economical one-stop solution to the overall project.

Balustrades & Handrails

As we fabricate balustrades and handrails in-house, flexibility of design is what sets us apart. We can provide a range of designs including:

 - Stainless steel
 - Aluminium panel
 - Vertical bar
 - Structural glass

The options available are endless.

Canopy & Roof Structures

We are seeing an increase in requests for these types of structures, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of a project. Given our in-house fabrication facilities we have the know-how and flexibility to realise architects vision and designs.

Bolt-On Balconies

In contrast to our Flight Deck® balcony range, Bolt-On Balconies are a more traditional method of constructing balconies but there are some drawbacks of this type:

- Cast in elements have to be within a very close tolerance to enable threshold levels etc to be achieved

- Have to be installed from underneath which is a health and safety issue

- More work required on site as opposed to off site.

We are more than happy to advise. Call us today to speak to one of our team.

  • Vertical bar bolt on balconies

  • Bespoke design bolt on balconies

  • Vertical bar bolt on balconies