Fabrication & Finishing

This is the core operation carried out in the factory. A welding quality management system is in place under the supervision of a Responsible Welding Coordinator and our Factory Production Control (FPC) certificate ensures compliance to BS EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011. Non-destructive testing is carried out in our factory to ensure the strength and quality of welds.

Protecting and Finishing

The most common ways of protecting steelwork are hot-dip galvanising, hot zinc spraying, applying primer, undercoat and paint finishes. We offer all these dependent on the product and usage.

Hot-dip galvanising

Immersing steel members in a bath of molten zinc provides the ultimate protection against the elements, corrosion and rusting. Processes such as degreasing are carried out beforehand to ensure the members are free from dirt and grease. There are design limitations when using hot-dip galvanising on a project such as shape, size and sections of steel members.


Hot zinc spraying

This is another form of protective coating which can be applied. It will provide a more even finish, especially useful for visible architectural elements e.g. balustrading.

Powder Coating

Polyester powder coating creates a more durable finish than conventional paint. We offer in both standard RAL colours, to your specification or in more speciality finishes such as metallic or wood grain effect.