Fabrication carried out by experienced, long-serving staff with real commitment to each and every project. With a workshop time served experience of over 160 years our staff truly have the skills to work efficiently on all types of projects.

All of our structures are fabricated to procedures, ensuring consistent and seamless quality across our products.


This is the core operation carried out in the factory to prepare members for site with connections by adding fixtures and fittings.  A welding quality management system is in place under the supervision of a Responsible Welding Coordinator and our Factory Production Control EXC 2 ensures compliance to BS EN 1090-1.

NDT (Non destructive testing) is carried out in our factory to ensure the strength and quality of welds.


The most common way of protecting steelwork is paint applied in factory conditions.  We are able to tailor our proposals for different modern paint specifications of primer, undercoat and finish coats.

Hot-dip Galvanising

By immersing steel members in a bath of molten zinc this provides the ultimate protection against corrosion.  Processes such as degreasing are carried out beforehand to ensure the members are free from dirt and grease.  There are design limitations to be applied when using hot-dip galvanising on a project such as shape, size and sections of steel members.

Polyester Powder Coating

This coating is commonly used in architectural metalwork applications to provide a high quality finish.  The range of finishes available is wide with different textures, glosses and colours available.


Brooksby utilises transportation that is FORS registered to ensure working practices, legal compliance and corporate social responsibility is respected by our fleet operators.

Large and secure yards are used as storage areas to facilitate delivery to site of completed components as our project programmes require.

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