Offsite Manufacturing

Offsite Manufacturing

In-house design and manufacturing makes the most efficient use of resources and as a result is estimated by the government as being able to achieve up to 20% reduction in build costs.

Compared with a traditional building approach offsite manufacturing reduces the number of trades onsite. Traditional onsite building is always constricted, meaning working in confined areas, and therefore trades have to be carefully sequenced and the project timeline as a result is extended.

Quality is vastly improved through being able to manufacture, assemble and finish components in a controlled environment. The environment on site is always involves dust and dirt whereas we can finish components in a clean factory environment. Not being restricted by time constraints of site working also allows us more time to make sure detailed quality checks are carried out on components before they are even sent to site.

Brooksby are focused on this manufacturing method and have facilities fully dedicated to offsite manufacturing. In short offering our clients this service has resulted in our projects benefiting from;

  • Reduced on site installation times
  • Reduced Health and Safety risks on site
  • Reduced costs of materials, waste, packaging and transport
  • Increased flexibility on incorporating different design concepts
  • Increased quality control and delivery
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