All projects are detailed using the latest drawing techniques including BIM 3D modelling, so you can view the specifics of your work at all stages of the fabrication process.

Our detailing team is able to communicate these designs effectively, enabling you to impress your clients all the way through.

BIM and Engineering

Bringing value closer to clients has really been a feature of the integration of BIM in the construction industry.  Sharing information has become easier and more participants are involved earlier in the project making sure design is not only better but stays on track. Building products can also be inputted easily into the building structure which can then be analysed and information drilled down into.

Detailing and Drawings

High quality drawings are the foundation of a successful project.  Brooksby recognises this as an invaluable attribute of the business and as a result clients benefit.

Detailing is carried out by time served and competent draughtsman.  The design office manages design changes and additions which are communicated to our client’s design teams through their preferred channel of communication.

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